Which “PHILIP PERKINS” is this?

I am NOT the Philip Perkins who is:

--an architect from Oakland, California.
--the photographer of celestial objects
--a relative and sometime sideman of the late blues pianist "Pinetop" Perkins
--the painter whose picture "Guardian of the Planet" is seen in the book "Cosmic Art"
--the former headmaster, dean of students, and high school principal of schools in Washington, D.C; Michigan, Texas, and California
1946-1987 (that was my father).

I AM the Philip Perkins who is (or was):

cinematographer of all of the “classic period” Cryptic Corporation films and music videos 1979-84 for The Residents, Snakefinger,
Tuxedomoon, Renaldo and the Loaf
and MX80 Sound. These films are in the permanent collection of the
Museum of Modern Art in New York, and are prominently featured in Don Hardy’s 2015 documentary feature
Theory of Obscurity (a film about The Residents)”.

-a member of
The Residents “Mole Show” touring ensemble 1982-4, and the original “Assorted Secrets” studio band 1980-2.

-sound supervisor, recordist and sound designer of the 1993 national daytime Emmy award-winning TV series
Wonders of the World” (Disney Channel). Sound editing and mixing Emmy nominations 1992-3.

-a member of the band
The Bifurcators (on Artifact Records)1990-2008.

-sound mixer on all 7 of comedian/counselor/actor
Michael Pritchard’s TV series, 1980-2011 (PBS, mostly).

-composer and player of the 1985 album “
Drive Time” reissued by Captured Tracks/Body Double Records in 2013.

-sound designer of the “
Thrill of Motion” attraction at the General Motors pavilion at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

-co-director (with Scott Fraser) of the
1974 Northwest Film Festival-winning film, “Rain”.

-sound designer for
Alonzo King Lines Ballet 2012-present.

pp perfect love