ABDUCTED (Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips 2013) (feature film)
A dark low-tech sci fi feature with great writing and performances. Truly creepy. (sound edit, sound design, predubs)

(Rich Wong 2012) (feature film)
Modern romantic comedy, betrayals old and new and love rediscovered in San Francisco. (Mix consultant.)

(Malcolm Murray 2010) (feature film)
An indie feature shot in nether reaches of Albuquerque, a romantic comedy with great performances and a unique look.

JACK and MAUD (Barry Stone 2014)
Comedy short.

STEPPING ON UP: (Jim Watson 2010-11) (PBS series)
A new multipart series for kids featuring Michael Pritchard and some puppet friends.

AND THEN CAME LOLA (feature film) Fast Girl Films 2009
written, directed and produced by Megan Siler and Ellen Siedler, edited by Eli Olson.
A new romantic comedy from the heart of SF that is rocketing through the festival circuit. Funny, sexy, sometimes sad and sometimes downright goofy--indie movie entertainment at its best.

(feature film) (GreenRockSolid, 2007)
written by HP Mendoza and Richard Wong, with music by HP Mendoza. Directed by Richard Wong. 
The multi-festival winning, theatrically distributed (Roadside Attractions) outsider low budget indie musical from
San Francisco that caused a great stir in '06-'07. Wonderfully staged musical numbers shot on location, a story full of pathos, irony, humor and heartbreak--what more could anyone ask of a movie? This movie will launch several careers. (Not mine...) (I did the theatrical remix.)

BAREFOOT TO JERUSALEM (feature film) 2008
Nietzchka Keene, produced by Patrick Moyroud with music by Marshall Crutcher.
The late Nietzchka Keene's last film, written, directed and edited by her and completed after her death by long-time collaborator and producer Patrick Moyroud. What begins as a fairly conventional story of betrayal in love moves off into territory that is uniquely Keene's. In the green fields of summertime Wisconsin she finds mysticism, the struggle between good and evil, faith and finally redemption. The sound track of this film was an unusually close collaboration between composer and sound designer, and the result is both powerful and highly unconventional.

MY TINY UNIVERSE (feature film) 2004
Written, directed and produced by Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips.  With John Hurt, Andy Comeau, Lesley-Ann Warren and Debbie Mazar.  Edited by Glen Scantlebury, photographed by Eliot Rocket, with music by Greg Hale Jones. A suicidal actor is interrupted in the act by the ring of a cell phone, a phone that turns out to have been lost by one of the biggest producers in Hollywood.  This discovery sets off an unpredictable and very funny round of acts of revenge, self-promotion and delusion and ultimately, escape.  An AFI Festival selection.

MY DUBIOUS SEX DRIVE (feature film) Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips feature film. 1995
A romantic comedy set in the local music scene of that time.

THE UTILIZER (feature film) (Filmakers/SCI-FI Channel) Craig Barron. 1994
Sci-FI channel special with full special effects, aliens, time jumping and dark humor.

A shady currency trader on the lam, and the people in his way.

AS WE DREAM  2004  Written and directed by Dan Smith, produced by Liz Sales. Photographed by Mark Herzig, edited by Kenji Yamamoto with music by Blaise Smith. A wonderful, mysterious, atmospheric film in which both nothing much seems to happen and issues of art's relationship to real life are dealt with in a subtle and offhand way.

THE BELOVED Sarita Siegel  1997  A surrealist short drama, with sound design to match.

CROSSROADS: Bone Thugs 'n Harmony (Shooting Star/MTV/BET) Mike Martin  (sound design) 1996
One of this band’s most famous music videos.

ATLIENS: Outkast (Shooting Star/MTV/BET) Mike Martin  (sound design) 1997
Music video.

Directed by Claire Calvino, photographed by Robin Mortarotti with music by Sam Geppi. Produced by Normandie Ramirez and Robin Mortarotti.
A woman remembers her life with her mother, tragically killed when she was still very young.  Very subtle, gorgeously photographed, very evocative.

KOOL BREEZE Directed by Rachel Libert, produced by Barbara Parker, 2002  edited by Jean Kawahara. 
A performance by poet Asha Bandele about women surviving, overcoming and flowering out of abusive relationships.  Rivetingly acted by members of the \\
ODC Dance Co., with tour-de-force camera and editing.

THE ARMS OF VENUS: Eric Carlson  1999 Theatrical short comedy

JUST ADD WATER: Randy Field, 1999.  Produced by Jane Hall, photographed by Bill Zarchy, music by Greg Hale Jones
featuring Liz Sheridan and Laraine Newman.

PUNCH THE CLOCK Brian Ranere  1998
Gritty criminal slice of life story with loud and strange sound and music.

MONKEY HERO (BLAM!/Sony; Matt Seymour) Sony Playstation game.  1998

HEAD 2 HEAD Written and directed by Jim McSilver photographed by Andy Black with fabulous music by Greg Hale Jones and Chris Parsley. (2002) 
A short comedy of childhood whimsies and parental obsessions.

THE BEARING WALL Written and directed by Charles Halpern, photographed by Norman Bonney and Michael Levin, edited by Michael Levin. (2002)
A dramatic short story in a fluid, "real-time"style. 

THE ALLURE OF THE THRESHOLD: Bret Lama 1993 A strange, dark and obsessive world suggested with great economy and style.


ASTEROID DAY: California Academy of Sciences live international webcast 2015 Spine Productions

Patsy Northcutt, Northcutt Productions 2013. Qigong series with a celebrated Chinese master.

LOVE LUNCH COMMUNITY: Helen DeMichel and Sophie Constantinou 2011, 2014
A series of webisodes showing the history and day-to-day workings of the Berkeley School Lunch Program, a revolutionary program to bring both better nutrition and nutrition education to public school kids.

ARUBA: Elastic Creative 2011-2 International live web conference/feed.

HP INTEL DESKTOP: (Joan Raspo, eMotion Studios 2011) A promo video for HP done in high style.

8 FACTORS (Studio B 2011) Michael Bush’s web course for independent business people

ADOBE: American Eagle (Studio B Films 2011) Web promo for Adobe.

THE DAILEY METHOD (Studio B FIlms 2011) A set of yoga instruction videos for various formats/delivery methods.

SIERRA NEVADA Anniversary Brews: Studio B, 2010 Web campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of craft beer brewing in America

ADOBE “Mythhackers” and “Nobel Video” Studio B, 2010 Two web campaigns for new Adobe products

AH-HA MOMENT: Mutual of Omaha, Skaddadle Media 2009-2013.
A series of TV spots were filmed with real people telling the camera about a key “ah-hah” moment in their lives. The
sponsors liked this concept so much that they commissioned a brand new Airstream trailer and had us outfit it as a mobile interview studio so they could film more interviews with people all across America. Look for the trailer on the road (with a big “Mutual of Omaha” logo on it) in your town! 4 years on the road and counting!

Crush Pictures 2009 A series of web ads.

APPLE NAB 05: (Roy Cox Productions 2005) Short films for NAB 05 on Final Cut, Shake, DVD Studio, Sound Track Pro etc.

CISCO: WAN, EMEA, SLO (Camp Creative, Post Office Editorial, 2005) Promo and sales videos.

SYMANTEC/VERITAS:  (Mortarotti Ramirez Productions, 2005)

SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY (Mortarotti Ramirez Productions, 2004) Several promotional and recruiting videos for the web.

NETFIELD (Tim Perkis, Bill Thibault and Philip Perkins)  1996
A collaboration of three Bay Area sound & computer artists, this piece created a spatial sonic environment accessible to early users of the internet. Twenty five continuous environmental recordings made by Perkins from a diverse range of environments around the globe are organized into a two dimensional world ranging from wet to dry along one dimension and urban to rural along the other. Listeners at internet-connected computers anywhere could move through this spatialized sound field, using software they downloaded from this site. After downloading and starting up the client application, users could move through the Netfield world by using the arrow keys on their keyboard; as they passed from one zone to another, the sounds would smoothly mix and be spatialized using a custom 3d sound spatialization system.

LUMINA:  (Jane Hall Productions) Sound editing, mixing, file optimization and conversion for this monthly website science magazine.  1996-8

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF THE CEO (Trinidad Productions, 2002) Web comedy for the Veritas Corporation.

BUZZ PICTURES: Website intro/logo sound design for a film production company.  (2001)

NEC SPECIAL FEATURES:  (Jane Hall Productions) Sound editing, design, mixing, file optimization and conversion for a website science magazine.1999-2001

GRIDIRON (Pushy Broad) 2000 Sound design for streaming FLASH media opening to a pro-football website.

LORAL: (Pushy Broad) Sound design for the animated logo on one of Loral's websites. 1998

MONKEY HERO: (BLAM!) Sound design for a Sony Playstation action-adventure game.  1998

AS REAL AS IT GETS: (Zoe Productions/Creative Labs) '97 Sound design for a DVD AC3 surround demo disc.'97

FOREVER COOL: (Dotcom/Burns and Associates)
Sound editing, mixing, file optimization and conversion for this ground-breaking 26-part website documentary serial for MSN. 1997

WONDERS OF THE WORLD: (Pangaea) Sound design for a series of screen-saver products. 1996

ELLIS ISLAND and IGUAZU FALLS: (Philips) Sound design for two documentary CDROM projects.  1995.


"Blockbusters", "Lost In Cyberspace", "ET" and others (Saslow Productions, Nancy Saslow)
Several large theme park attractions for Great America and other parks, including extensive  sound design, surround elements and synchronization to live action and live sfx.  1996-7

THE THRILL OF MOTION (The Floating Company, Gerard Howland)
Sound design and sync supervision for a 70mm surround-sound film presentation for the General Motors pavilion at the '96 Olympic Games. The film showed to thousands of people a day for the length of the games in a specially built theatre that featured mirrored walls,  the largest motion-base ever made (extended under the entire audience) and other synchronized effects.  1996

INTEL: Milia (Pedersen Media Group, David Mackie) Sound design for a large scale event video, 2005.

SAN FRANCISCO SUMMIT FOR WOMEN (McCabe and Co., Karen McCabe) Sound design and music editing for convention open, section titles, etc. 2000

PEPSI CENTER/ COLORADO (Saslow Productions, Nancy Saslow)
Sound design for a monster video projection taking place outdoors at night with synchronized pyro and live action/sfx.  1999

SUN: Solaris (Kenwood Group, Randy Field) Sound design for a big SFX promotional video for a live event. 2004.

AMD: Command The Future (South Park Media Co., Lawrence Behrs)
Sound design, zone and hall mixes for the live elements of a large multi-day public event. 2001

SUN ULTRASPARC III (Kenwood Group. Dan Pinkham) Sound design for the public introduction of a powerful new CPU chip. (2000)

HARMONIC LIGHT (Full Spectrum, Tony McCauley) Sound design for a product demo shown in a custom built installation.  1999

NOVELLUS (Kenwood Group, Dan Pinkham) Sound design for several elements of a large-scale, walk through series of environments for a trade show installation. 1998

SONY E3 (Kenwood Group, Dan Pinkham) 1998 Sound design for a large-scale multi-screen video projection at a trade show.

CHANGE (Levi Strauss) (Saslow Productions, Nancy Saslow) Sound design for a large scale multiscreen video projection with extensive surround elements. 1997

AVE "TCT" (Kenwood Group, Dan Pinkham)
Sound design for a three screen video installation that showed in a custom-built theatre,  with images and sound coming from all directions.  1997